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The sink is one of the most important elements of plumbing in a modern bathroom. It allows you to maintain a high level of hygiene, as well as excellent functionality. For each apartment, office or country house, you can choose a sink that will be its ideal complement. Every year there are more and more washbasins that are distinguished by bold design and unique shapes. The manufacturer of sanitary ware Miraggio offers solutions that use cast marble for their production, which makes our sanitary ware durable and practical. The washbasin purchased on our website will be a bright addition to your bathroom.

What materials are used to make washbasins in Kharkiv?

You should treat the purchase of plumbing equipment responsibly, taking into account individual needs and features of the interior in which it will be installed. Washbasins can be purchased in Kharkiv at any convenient time by leaving a request on our website. Attentive consultants will be happy to answer additional questions from clients.

If we consider the categories of washbasins that are found on the Ukrainian market, then the models in them are distributed according to the material of production:

  • Ceramics. Bathroom sink in Kharkiv made of ceramic is a classic solution. Today, such models are most often found, since the material is characterized by an affordable price. Products can be divided into earthenware washbasins and porcelain sinks. Earthenware will be the most budget option, which is not characterized by high performance. Porcelain sanitary ware has a higher strength, as well as increased density, which allows it to serve much longer.
  • Glass. Glass plumbing fixtures have only recently begun to gain popularity among buyers. Manufacturers offer a limited range of models, but they have an attractive appearance and look original. The material of the production is tempered glass, so it can withstand high loads quite well, but it remains demanding in care, since drips on the surface are very noticeable.
  • Stainless steel. This material is usually used for the production of sinks that will be installed in public restrooms. This solution remains quite durable, and its main advantage is hygiene.
  • Natural stone. Usually, marble is used for the production of such sanitary ware. Despite the amazing attractiveness of the product, the sink made of natural stone is very fragile, demanding in care, and most importantly, prohibitively expensive.
  • Artificial stone is a substitute for its natural counterpart. Visually, the washbasin in Kharkiv made of artificial stone is almost indistinguishable from the original, but at the same time it is much more functional, durable and much cheaper.

Among artificial materials, quartz composite is also worth highlighting. These sinks resemble natural granite as much as possible, and the production technology allows you to experiment with different textures and shades.

What are the types and methods of installing bath sinks?

When choosing sinks for the kitchen or bathroom sink, you need to decide on the most suitable option for their installation. Today, manufacturers offer such solutions:

  • sinks-consoles.
  • washbasins-tulips.
  • built-in sinks.
  • overhead washbasins.

You should buy a sink in Kharkiv only after studying the features of the room where it will be installed. For spacious rooms, you can use tulip washbasins, while in a compact bathroom, a built-in or overhead model looks better.

Washbasin shapes

According to their shape, the shells are divided into oval, square and rectangular. They are the most common ones. You can also buy asymmetrical or round washbasins. For installation in the corner of the room, there are many corner models of plumbing. Custom-shaped sinks will allow you to create a unique environment.

Choosing a sink color

When choosing sinks in Kharkiv, you should pay attention to their shade. The classic option is white shells. Bathroom fittings in pastel colors will make the environment more cozy. Gray shells also remain in demand. Black washbasins will definitely attract attention.

How to choose the right washbasin for a bathroom in Kharkiv?

When buying a new sink, you should pay attention to the combination of price, quality and design. It is best to use the offer of manufacturers who offer a quality guarantee for their products, and also have certificates confirming their reliability and safety.

Why should you buy a washbasin in Kharkiv from the manufacturer "Miraggio"?

If you are interested in practical and stylish washbasins, then you can buy them in our online store. Cast marble is an ideal solution for the production of modern sanitary ware that will meet the high demands of customers. We will ensure prompt delivery and always take into account the individual wishes of our customers.

Price ofWashbasins and sinks in Kharkov

Washbasins and sinks in KharkovPrice
Kitchen sink VALENCIA black4029 грн
Kitchen sink LAGOON 420 sand4072 грн
Kitchen sink TULUZA grey4326 грн
Kitchen sink MALIBU jasmine4848 грн
Kitchen sink LAGOON 540 jasmine5277 грн
Kitchen sink BODRUM 510 grey5358 грн
Kitchen sink VERSAL sand5379 грн
Kitchen sink BODRUM 650 sand5877 грн
Kitchen sink TIRION white6360 грн
Kitchen sink ORLEAN terra6564 грн
Kitchen sink LAGOON 420 black6600 грн
Kitchen sink LAPAS black7806 грн
Kitchen sink EUROPE white8031 грн
Kitchen sink WESTEROS jasmine9150 грн