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Rectangular sink: perfect contours

Roominess, convenience, reliability, impeccable appearance, attractive color and durability – all these are the basic requirements for a good kitchen sink. Мойки Rectangular sinks are ideal for owners of those kitchens who want to equip a large, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing work area. Rectangular contours in the interior always remain relevant, especially when it comes to a modern kitchen. The larger the sink and the better its material, the more status and expensive the home design becomes. Мойки Rectangular sinks are sold in various shades that are currently in demand.

Choosing a rectangular sink

Rectangular мойка kitchen sink made of natural quartz sand is an affordable way for many to make the appearance of the kitchen more status, expensive, refined and concise. Regardless of the style of the interior, a sink made of high-quality natural materials by true professionals will look harmonious. The expensive appearance of the sink is largely due to the matte finish. A sink made of quartz sand of any of the presented shades will look decent:

  • pesochny;
  • black;
  • gray;
  • jasmine;
  • terra.

Sand shade is associated with gold, it is successfully combined with other elements of the kitchen, made in warm shades. You can combine a sand rectangular sink with interior items with gilding. This is an ideal choice if the kitchen windows do not face the sunny side, if there is not enough light in the room.

Black is a universal color, it always makes the design more expensive. You can combine it with a wooden, white, gray or black countertop, in any case, the combination will be brilliant. Gray is the most successful color if you need to emphasize the naturalness of the material from which the sink is made. The sink in this basic shade will be a worthy decoration of the kitchen, made in the style of minimalism, high-tech or loft.

Rectangular sinks are available in several sizes and types – double or with one bowl, with or without a wing. They also differ in size. The standard width is 87 cm.

If the rectangular shape is still not suitable for a particular kitchen, do not give preference to stainless steel sinks and other options that only make the interior cheaper. You can always choose alternative, no less elegant forms:

  • round;
  • oval shape;
  • asymmetric;
  • square shape.

Kitchen sink made of natural stone – absolute practicality, reliability and durability. It will not need to be replaced for many years if properly operated. Like a normal stone, it can retain its original appearance for an unlimited number of years. The stone sink does not require careful and scrupulous care. It is enough to clean it in time from lime scale and other contaminants.

Why you should buy a rectangular kitchen sink from Miraggio™

Интернет-магазинThe Miraggio™ online store is definitely worth a visit if you need rectangular sinks for the kitchen. A good selection of modelsis available , and the catalog contains all the photos and measurements of the product. Delivery is free of charge and throughout the entire country.Ukraine. Miraggio™ has been operating in the premium plumbing market for more than 10 years. During this time, she received extremely positive feedback from customers, and no one was disappointed with the quality of the products. Moreover, the company managed to enter the international market. An indicator of the quality of sanitary ware is that customers from 16 countries are partners of the company. Rectangular sink the price is not very high, but its quality is impeccable.

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