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Oval wash basin

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Existence of a wing
Number of cups
Bowl depth
Washbasin EVA MATTcast marble
Washbasin EVORA MATTcast marble
Washbasin ROME MATTcast marble
Washbasin FLORENCE MIRASOFTcast marble
Washbasin SORRENTO MIRASOFT RAL 9005 cast marble
Отзывы покупателей
Добрый день! Мы выбрали эту раковину для новой квартиры. Заказывали через корзину, получили на следующий день по Новой почте. Все идеально. Идеальный белый цвет, не сравнить с керамикой. Установили на столешницу без каких-либо проблем. Выглядит стильно! Спасибо! Покупкой довольны!
Удобный и одновременно изящный умывальник. Повесил над тумбой - стена целая) Пользуемся уже год. Цвет не изменился. Рекомендую Мираджио друзьям.
Мы долго подбирали модель для обновленной ванны. Комната большая, заказали пару. Умывальники емкие и компактные. Рады, что в Украине начали производить современную сантехнику и не пришлось заказывать из заграницы
Я в восторге! Идеальная круглая чаша. Снежно-белая, гладкая поверхность. Оплатила и получила заказ курьером через 3 дня прямо в квартиру. Уже пользуюсь месяц. Попала на ваш сайт через рекламу, теперь рекомендую знакомым!
Купили разом з пральною машинкою, як побачили у магазині, так і взяли комплектом. Відмінний варіант для маленької ванни, зекономили місце!!!
Аккуратный маленький умывальник. Брали в туалетную комнату, подвесили на стену. Искали именно черный в комплект к унитазу. Всё отлично подошло!
Подбираю модель для кафе, нужны 3 шт. Подскажите, не очень мелкий, вода не выплескивается? И какой материал лучше - мирасофт или мирамарбл? в чем разница?

Sink oval is an incredibly practical and comfortable product can perfectly complement the interior of any modern style. This elegant variant has for many years does not lose popularity and is likely to be trendy and in demand in the future in the market of Ukraine.
Like other models, oval jewelry pleased with the variety of materials and variations of colors, mounting methods and dimensions. Regardless, in favor of any products will be your choice is made, it should be remembered that the oval sinks are the win-win solution that will turn any bathroom into an exquisite and truly stylish room.

Oval sink-in luxury of the aristocracy

Despite the variety of plumbing products on the market, it is oval sinks do not go to the podium ranking of the most popular and practical models. And no wonder, because these sinks are convenience and изяществом0.
Manufacturers do not cease to follow the demands of customers. Traditional ceramics, glass, hard wood, acrylic and marble-the choice is truly rich. Thanks to such variety of performance, oval sink can be a vital part of the interior in any style.

variety of oval sinks from Miraggio

In the process of selecting the right sink deserve special attention parameters such as dimensions and installation method. So, depending on the variant of installation, oval sinks are:

  • mortise – that is mounted under the Cabinet or countertop;
  • invoices – mounted on top of the tables and presented in the form of a bowl;
  • pendant – are attached to the surface of the wall by means of brackets.

in terms of size, it must match the dimensions of the bathroom – not to take up too much space, leaving the area for installation and other plumbing products. In our catalog is presented to your attention the following variations:

  • oval sink 30 cm;
  • oval basin 40cm;
  • oval washbasin 50 cm;
  • oval washbasin 60 cm;
  • oval washbasin 70 cm;
  • oval washbasin 80cm;
  • oval basin 90cm;
  • oval washbasin 100 cm;
  • oval sink 110 cm;
  • oval washbasin 120 cm

And, of course, we pamper customers with a variety of colors of the products offered. In the modern market you can find oval washbasin, which will be a great addition to any interior, being made in such unusual colors:

  • blue;
  • black
  • green;
  • red.

Thanks to such variety of colors and variations, after referring to the photo of the products, to choose the most appropriate model given the chance to even the most demanding customers.

Why buy oval sink from Miraggio

In our catalog is presented to your attention oval bathroom sinks in a rich assortment of different colors and size for good price – to be sure, there certainly is plenty to choose from. Presented to your attention products – essential not just the good things of life.
Being made of stone, natural origin, each represented in our catalog a model is synonymous with durability, superior quality, sustainability and functionality. No matter where you lived – be it the Dnieper, Kharkiv, Odessa, Kiev, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv, or any other city, we in the shortest possible time we carry out the delivery in any point of the country.
Buy oval sink in the bathroom of Miraggio – so make a choice in favor of the highest quality and reliability.

Price ofOval wash basin

Oval wash basinPrice
Washbasin EVA MATT3300 грн
Washbasin EVORA MATT3300 грн
Washbasin ROME MATT3400.8 грн
Washbasin FLORENCE MIRASOFT3489.5 грн
Washbasin KRISTINA MATT3075 грн
Washbasin FRANCE MATT3339 грн
Washbasin LEX R MATT4236 грн
Washbasin KIRA MATT4404 грн
Washbasin NICE BLACK MIRASTONE4818 грн
Washbasin MARTA 750 MATT5154 грн
Washbasin DEVON MATT5274 грн
Washbasin MARTA 900 MATT5685 грн
Washbasin SORRENTO MIRASOFT RAL 90055832.4 грн
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