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Corner shower tray-a classic in a modern design

Bathroom – that part of the home, with which you can most accurately determine the material status of its owners. High-quality and expensive plumbing is a mandatory attribute of a good apartment or house. A corner shower tray made of natural stone will perfectly emphasize the modern but elegant interior. Install a corner shower tray instead of a bathtub, if the bathroom area is not large enough. A high-quality shower is often more expensive than a bathtub, especially if we are talking about premium plumbing.

Choosing a corner shower tray

Stone in the interior is a material that is not subject to fashion and time. Stone cladding, design and decorative elements will always be relevant. The bathroom is no exception. Corner shower trays made of natural stone are a trend of recent years. Shower cabinsbased on high acrylic or plastic pallets are no longer so popular. Laconic stone bases in neutral shades are a great alternative if it is important that the interior looks expensive.

Perhaps the most noble and luxurious version of the shower tray is marble. A regular one is not suitable for this purpose, as it is too porous and vulnerable, and a cast one is used. It has a protective gelcoat layer that ensures a long service life. Advantages of cast marble;

  • durability;
  • scratch, chip and crack resistance;
  • unsurpassed appearance;
  • endurance;
  • easy to care for.

An alternative to marble модельis the quartz sand pallet model. In terms of properties, it is not inferior to marble. This material is widely used for the manufacture of plumbing fixtures and other premium interior elements. Marble or stone corner pallets are available in versatile colors and shapes. They will be an elegant addition to any style, up to the classic one. Depending on the bathroom design, you can choose the формыfollowing pallet shapes::

  • rectangular;
  • rounded.

It will be appropriate to look like a pallet that merges in color with the floor covering, and a contrasting floor base for the shower cabin. A choice of shades is available:

  • gray;
  • black;
  • white.

Natural stone is always the epitome of reliability and natural luxury. Ideally, this material is combined with glass, from which shower curtains are usually made. Glass is a transparent lightness, and when it is combined with a stone and" heavy " base, it makes the space fresh and free, regardless of the size of the shower.

Do not be afraid of the white color when decorating ваннойthe bathroom, it symbolizes cleanliness. The white natural stone shower tray lasts just as long as the darker options. It can be easily cleaned of dirt using even the simplest household chemicals.

Why you should buy a corner shower tray from Miraggio™

Corner shower trays from the company Miraggio™ - the choice of a person who is important to equip your home with durable and premium plumbing. The product is perfect in everything – it serves for a long time and always retains the perfect appearance. Despite the unusual material, установкеit is easy to install, you can even manage it yourself. The company is one of the best inUkraine in the production of sinks, washbasins, bathtubs and other sanitary ware. интернет-магазиномForeign countries have long cooperated with the Miraggio™ online store. On the site you can view current prices, buy a corner shower tray and not only, as well as arrange fast and safe delivery. Miraggio™ is a guarantee of unsurpassed quality, which has long been confirmed by positive reviews from hundreds of satisfied customers.

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Corner soul palletPrice
Shower tray MADRID 900 cast marble7784.7 грн
Shower tray MADRID 800 MIRASTONE BLACK11445.6 грн